A hidden gem in Hampton! One of our most favorite spots to eat. Fantastic drink selection & don't forget to save room for the s'mores. They bring a little fire to your table :) - Jenn H., Fort Monroe, VA

Excellent Tapas Restaurant. A hidden treasure in historic Phoebus VA next to historic Ft Monroe VA - Bonnie S., Fortville, IN

By far my favorite restaurant in Virginia...possibly my favorite restaurant anywhere! There wasn't a thing I didn't love: From the wine, to the scallops (absolute perfection), to the tomato mozzarella basil plate , and the bread pudding desert. Even the butter was a delightful sea salt confection of a tasty treat!

The atmosphere was so on point I would go there for a date, or bring my laptop and sit at the bar like I did tonight. The subtle red lamps above every table create the ideal combination of visible, working light and ambiance.

My waitress was a sweetheart and after dinner I hung out and talked with the chefs for a bit. This place absolutely stole my heart. I'll be back any time I am within a 50 mile radius! - Allie S., Los Gatos, CA

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