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Citysearch Editorial Profile – By Lesley Balla
Funky martinis and unusual tapas make this in bar a popular Riverview nightspot.

The Scene: This hip tapas bar fills with an ultracool crowd. Go with friends and share a table, or grab a bar stool and make friends with your neighbor. Half the fun is jockeying for room to chat over funky martinis and tasty tapas.

The Draw: The cocktail list is long and laden with fun names, like Southern Bondage, Marcus Welby and Purple Haze. Some drinks come with party favors: A popular quaff is the cosmopolitan made with Finlandia cranberry-infused vodka, triple sec and lime. Nothing goes better with the froufrou drinks than little plates of pork and ginger dumplings, fondue or homemade minipizzas. The best thing about the menu is that it's offered all night long.

User Reviews

The best drinks in all of Tidewater. Steve Scott is an amazing bartender and always makes me and my group feel super special. The food is great and I like how the specials are always different and that the menu changes seasonally. Definitely a place I always come back to when I'm in town. - Brittany B., Miami Beach, FL

Late night kitchen, cheap good beers, romantic atmosphere. What else could you want?
Went on a date night with my girlfriend and was actually impressed with Norfolk for once. This place is an absolute hidden gem. I will be coming back for sure. - Tyler H., Hampton, VA

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